Early Bird Offer

Meticulous planners who take pleasure in making holiday arrangements early will be delighted with the Early Bird Offer of Le Grand! This exclusive deal that gives you the opportunity to enjoy savings of 40% is one of the most attractive Galle hotel promotions. Make your reservations a minimum of 30 days in advance to benefit from this attractive offer.

Explore the marvels of the city of Galle and rest in the sublime comfort of our prestigious hotel while being treated to world-class hospitality. Our exceptional deals will also help make your stay even more memorable. A holiday of a lifetime is waiting to unfold upon the golden shores of Sri Lanka where our lavish retreat shines bright with its promise of superior luxury!

  • Validity Period :2019-01-04 to 2019-11-30
  • Stay Period :2019-02-04 to 2019-12-10