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Rumassala Forest Hike

Gorgeous Rummasala, with its mystic beauty, is a place that effortlessly inspires rapture. According to the ancient Indian poem, Ramayanaya, this is the piece of the Himalayan Mountain that the Monkey God, Hanuman threw away after a doctor extracted medicinal plants from it to treat Lakshman; he was Rama’s brother who was critically ill. The colonial invaders too were mystified by the unique beauty of this mountain. The name “Buena Vista” which means “pleasant view” was given to Rumassala Mountain by them.

Hike across the splendid areas of Rumassala Forest and you will come across endemic species of animals as well as rare medicinal plants and herbs. Breathtaking views of the rolling ocean will enthral you as you reach the mountain’s zenith, refreshing you after your strenuous climb.

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